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what to do before installing

Once you find where to install the paneling, clear and clean the surface. Measure your surface to find out how much Prefinished Wood Accents you should buy. Multiply the space's height (in inches), by the length (in inches). Divide that number by 144 to get the total square footage. Add 5% to your total to make sure you have extra should you need it. For example, if you have 38 square feet to cover, you would need to purchase 4 boxes (40 square feet). 

basic install instructions

  1. Place your starting panel on the wall with a cut side toward the end wall.
  2. Nail finishing nails on an angle into the tongue of the panel.
  3. Attach the next piece, sliding the EZ-JOIN ends tightly together.
  4. Measure each run of boards and cut out areas for electrical outlets, windows, doors, etc.
  5. Repeat. Remember: Measure twice, cut once.

Click here to read and print out the full list of installation instructions.

additional information

A few things to know

  • Store Prefinished Wood Accents inside where it is to be installed for 2 weeks in order to let the wood acclimate to the moisture content of the room.
  • Prevent damage: Don't expose the planks to direct sunlight, rain, or moisture.
  • Install on interior walls, interior ceilings, and exterior porch ceilings.
  • Please, don't install on floors or on exterior siding.
  • Wood is nature's product, expect variations in color and grain pattern.