When I got my hands on several boxes of Prefinished Wood Accents, I can’t deny I was excited. And scared. I have never taken on any home improvement project solo. Bound and determined to take this project on all by myself, I made family members stand to the sidelines as I tackled this wall all on my own.

Tada! Wood walls + gray = classic yet trendy. 

The color is the lovely Currituck Driftwood. I liked it because it shows the wood grain with a gorgeous gray accent stain. 

I’m still figuring out my color theme for the bedroom…and what doesn’t go with gray? Or wood?

This boring wall needed some work.

Boring and blah, this sitting area in our master bedroom could use some oomph.

I ordered a few items from the ol’ Internet to help me along (a saw, and an awesome nail gun, for example) and got everything staged on a Friday night.

The next morning, my husband took the kids for the day and I was off to the races, learning a few things along the way

They say a journey starts with a single step. In this case, it was a single cut. I took one of the long lengths and sliced it right down the middle.

Then it was time to put it down. With my extra large level on hand, it was on. After the first run was complete – and level – installation went so fast. 

I laid a box or two of boards out, stacked into the different lengths so I could vary the pattern.

The reason installation went quickly is because the boards join together like puzzle pieces (the E-Z Join ends = so cool). The nail gun certainly helped move things along.

Before I knew it, the final run was going up. I’m so glad that the depth of the boards looks great with the crown moulding. I had been worried that the boards would be too thick, but it was just right. I only had to saw off the top ‘lip’ of the boards and it went up in a jiffy.

Behold, the before and afters:

What I learned is this: If I can do this install, anyone can. It takes patience - for example, to make sure your runs are level. Prefinished Wood Accents is definitely instant gratification with lasting impact. I just love how this wall turned out.