One morning at the gym my friend, Marie, approached me with the idea to make a giant, wooden decorative wall clock. Having previously worked with Prefinished Wood Accents, I immediately thought PWA was the best option for creating such a piece because it is lightweight and the tongue and groove allows you to easily fit it together. 

In order to create a perfect circle for the clock we assembled several pieces of PWA in to a square. We identified how wide she wanted the clock and then found the center of the square piece and then used a string (cut to the length we wanted) with a pencil tied to the end to create a perfect circle on the square. 

After we had our circle drawn, we disassembled the square and Marie cut the circular lines with a scroll saw. This allowed us to have manageable sized pieces we could carefully cut with a rounded edge. PWA's low profile allowed Marie to easily maneuver the pieces while using a scroll saw for the first time.

We then reassembled the separate pieces and fastened them together using a brad nailer.  Once complete, we had the base for our clock created and just had to decorate it with clock hands and numbers.

In preparation for our project, Marie had ordered a clock kit online that included a working clock mechanism and self adhering numbers. She chose metal numbers to give the clock a more modern edge against the Highlands Chocolate PWA. You could easily hand paint the numbers to give the piece a more rustic look, use vinyl, or attach 3D numbers like we did.

Marie took the clock home around an hour later, stained the cut edges to give it a more seamless look, and hung it on wall in her kitchen. As amateur DIY-ers, we had a great time turning her vision into a reality using Prefinished Wood Accents!

Sarah Creel//@ReclaimingGrace