Hi my name is Katie and I am going to install a wood wall.

I'm one of those people who's 'artistic but not crafty' and 'slightly scared to do a Do-It-Yourself project by myself.' But I decided now is the time and now is the product: I'm going to build a wood wall using Prefinished Wood Accents. I think there are other folks like me, so I'm going to blog about my experience from the lens of a very untrained novice.

All of this is completely new to me.

I'm very new to all things that resemble construction...sure, I've taken a sledgehammer to a wall or two in a kitchen demolition (which, btw, was AWESOME), but other than that, I'm about as newbie as they come. I don't know the actual terms for most tools, instead it's "that straight thingy that kind of angles to the side" or "that long thing with the bubbles on it that tells you when something's level." Oh, that's called a level? Makes sense.

Now why tackle putting up a wood wall? A few reasons:

1. Wood Wall Paneling is So Hot Right Now

I'm a thirty-something-year-old mom of two toddlers, so the last time I was trendy was at least a half decade ago. I gave up on decorating myself in a trendy way and have instead decided to focus on my home. A quick search on the ol' Internet and a thumb through a few magazines showed me that an easy way for my house to look hip is to install a wood accent wall. 

2. My House Needs Some Character

I live in a suburb of a major city. Each house pretty much resembles the next. The lines are clean and straight and everything is kind of 'fine.' Built in the early 1990's, this house is the newest house I've ever lived in, and I'm used to houses with a little bit more character. Instead of just putting a coat of paint on the wall, I want it to have more depth, pizzaz, and...the character it so desperately wants. (And yes, I do tend to think of my house as a person, kind of an extension of my family.)

3. Instant Gratification

With Prefinished Wood Accents, I knew there would be no sanding, staining, or sealing anything once the panel was up.  What that means is that once these wood panels are installed, they're done. And no stinky/toxic sealer to bother me, the husband, the dog, and the kiddos. Also, the boards are beautifully made so that they fit right together so it looks like I got this stuff custom made.

I'm excited to see what happens. Stay tuned. And wish me luck. - KJ