Wood accents in general are being used in décor more and more nowadays and are making a huge comeback, so it was only natural for us to want to be a part of that movement with Prefinished Wood Accents. Although reclaimed wood seems to be one of the top trends, it can be extremely costly and time consuming to work with. We think that by offering a product that is sustainably grown and harvested, the buyer can feel just as good as if they were using a recycled product. Factor in that our product’s not messy, intimidating or costly, and you can’t go wrong with our prefinished solid pine planks.

When beginning a home renovation project, even the simplest of tasks can quickly become an unexpectedly messy and costly venture. What you plan on taking a day, ends up taking an entire weekend or maybe longer! With all other planking, the need to stain, even if it’s a clear coat, is almost always a necessity. That entails either pre-staining all the planks separately before installation or staining the installed planks inside your home—both of which are extremely time consuming and down right inconveniencing to the home owner. Regardless of which method of staining you decide to go with, your project can still turn out looking quite amateurish as it’s really difficult to apply stain evenly on such a “soft” medium as wood that absorbs fairly quickly. But with Prefinished Wood Accents, we offer a professionally finished product to save you from all the trouble, mess and heartache!

Regardless of complexity, any home renovation can be intimidating which is why professionals are so often called to take on the job. What seems like a simple update, fix, or remodel can quickly turn into a project that you weren’t expecting or prepared to take on. That’s why with Prefinished Wood Accents, we’ve taken all of the guess work out so that you can begin and end your job with confidence. As advertised, all you need to do is measure, cut and nail and you’ll be left feeling like a pro yourself!

Additionally, cost is often the determining factor in whether a task is feasible for the home owner. Other wood products have a desirable finished look that come with a hefty price tag attached—whether it’s an unforeseen or upfront cost, or maybe you had to call in a professional to help complete the job. With Prefinished Wood Accents, you’re practically getting a steal when you think of eliminating the cost of sanding and staining and the ease of installation. On top of being beautifully milled, sustainably grown and harvested, our prefinished solid pine planks are affordable, approachable, and neat so why wouldn’t you chose Prefinished Wood Accents for your next home venture?