It’s no secret, the trend of reclaimed barn wood is more popular than ever right now. But have you ever tried getting your hands on some? Could you find it locally? What was the price tag? If you can answer those questions, then we think that you’ll soon realize that Prefinished Wood Accents in our Rustic Barnwood finish is just as good, if not better, than true reclaimed wood. It’s also super affordable and easy to install--meaning no excessive cutting, trimming, or sanding like that which accompanies true reclaimed wood. Let’s also talk about the thickness of true reclaimed pieces you’re thinking of installing in your home. Whereas a reclaimed piece of wood is more than likely going to be at least an inch or two thick, Prefinished Wood Accents boasts a thin profile of only ½”. No removing of casings, baseboards, or crown moulding for installation of our product, but it’s more than likely that you’ll have to do all those things with a reclaimed piece of wood. It’s for these reasons that our Rustic Barnwood finish is our most popular seller of Prefinished Wood Accents.


A drawback to using a reclaimed wood is that you’ll most likely have mismatching pieces which ultimately define the style of your makeover. Our prefinished planks in Rustic Barnwood come uniformly finished so you can apply our product wherever and however in your home you chose. Take these pictures of a makeover using Prefinished Wood Accents. Upon first look, you’d think that a wood product would perhaps clash in such a bright and traditional dining room. Think again! Our products are stunning yet subtle enough to complement a room without taking away from the existing decor. That means you’re saving money by not having to completely redecorate an entire room down to the last detail. Another drawback is the texture of reclaimed wood. Although desirable, the rough surface can pose problems for homeowners ( especially those with small children and pets). Have you ever tried to wipe off a rough surface, say, using a paper towel or tried dusting? Not only is it futile, but you’re left with remnants of white fuzz that are pretty much going to be there forever now. That’s not practical or attractive by any means.


Our prefinished, distressed pine boards are finished with a rich, dark stain and are smooth to the touch. That means you’ll have no problems cleaning the surface with all the paper towels your heart desires! Messes from small children (who are we kidding? ALL children!)  and pets can be wiped away in a flash, which makes us all happy. We also think you’ll find that the color of our Rustic Barnwood beautifully complements any color in any room in your home, as is evident in our own dining room makeover. We wanted the appearance of an old, distressed wood without the hassle and expense of obtaining and installing a reclaimed wood and Prefinished Wood Accents in Rustic Barnwood was perfect.