I don’t know if being from the South has anything to do with it, but we are obsessed with Southern Yellow Pine. So when it was time to remodel our bonus room/guest room over the garage, we got the bright idea to use Prefinished Wood Accents in New River Honey on the walls to match our pine flooring. We thought that continuing the pine onto the walls would not only bring a cohesive feel to our remodel, but it would also be conducive to brightening up our space. Since our room only has three average sized windows in such a relatively large space, we knew whatever materials we used in the room would have to be light and airy. We also didn’t want to start over from scratch when it came to our furniture, linens, accessories etc.


The tongue and groove connections on the solid pine planks of Prefinished Wood Accents made installation a breeze, and the finishing really saved us the headache of having to sand and stain our planks after we put them up. This guest room in particular sees a lot of traffic, which had ultimately taken a toll on our sheetrock. No one likes doing repair after repair to your walls after they’ve been bumped and scraped repeatedly--you’ve got to patch, sand, and pray that your paint touch-up will match unnoticeably. So how smart we thought it was to install the durable prefinished planks from Prefinished Wood Accents, and to say goodbye to the old days of having to maintain our walls. Now, the unavoidable scratch and bump stands no chance against damaging our walls.


You’ll probably notice a theme throughout our home, but we just love the classic white linens in our guest rooms. This means easy cleaning for us (bleach or vinegar, whichever you prefer) and a relaxing atmosphere for our guests. It also goes with the unique odd and end accessories that we have in each room, so it was a no-brainer for us to go with whites. In this guest room especially, we love how the beautiful off white bed linens complement the warmth of the New River Honey planks. It also allowed us to keep some “heavier” pieces in the room without weighing the space down. As is evident here in our remodel, New River Honey can be used in virtually any room regardless of your style or decor. It seamlessly complements every color you can imagine with the warmth from the natural Southern Yellow Pine wood grain and its professional finishing. Simple and refined, subtle and striking: Prefinished Wood Accents in New River Honey says it all without saying a word.