When embarking on an updating project, we wanted to make a statement in a guest bedroom with wood but without doing an entire wall installation. Solution: we decided on a headboard using Prefinished Wood Accents and some gorgeous trim from Lowe’s to frame it, which created an elegant and unique statement. Highlands Chocolate wasn’t a hard decision for us to make when choosing a finish, as it has the richest, deepest brown of all the colors offered yet still seems to warm up a space whenever and wherever installed. We thought that Highlands Chocolate would be a perfect choice for our room of pale greens and whites, leaving us free to accessorize with accent colors that can easily be changed out in the future for quick, simple, and affordable updates.

Another perk about choosing Highlands Chocolate to go in our guestroom is that it goes beautifully with the other colors of Prefinished Wood Accents. This is great because the opposite wall of our headboard installation is actually planked with Currituck Driftwood. Our colors can be mixed and matched with each and every finish that we offer, as the beauty and consistency of our finishes make it easy to create a beautiful partnership between the different planks without competition.

After finding and marking the center point of the wall that we wanted our headboard on, we then measured equidistance to either side of our mark to the width of our queen bed in the guestroom—which was 76 inches wide overall, so 38 inches to either side of our center mark. We then started measuring and placing our pieces of Prefinished Wood Accents just above the baseboard. Using a nail gun, we simply nailed the planks into the studs within our headboard placement and worked our way up until we reached a desirable height. This part of the project moved pretty quickly, as the tongue and groove connections of the boards make installation a breeze. After trimming out our planks with a gorgeous trim piece that we found at Lowe’s, we were ready to bring the bedframe back into the room and set up our bed! We love projects that are quick and easy like this one using Prefinished Wood Accents in creating a unique headboard, and we think you will too.