Prefinished Wood Accents is a beautiful planking product to install in your home, but it’s also convenient and cost effective when embarking on tongue and groove crafts. Like our custom made Durango Saddle sconces, if you can dream it you can build it and we make it easy to create. This project was born out of the necessity to update an all-wood bedroom but to continue with the wood theme. What was pre-existing in the bedroom was a stained pine planking, and our Durango Saddle complements the stain and blends unnoticably.


We’ve also used Durango Saddle in a seasonal statement piece for summer, where we’ve stenciled in “summer” and also attached a Mason jar to showcase fresh flowers or greenery from that season--making an easy piece that serves as quite the statement in your home.

For our sconce project, we simply measured an ideal length for what was needed to cover the pre-existing light fixture, then cut our planks to size. For a project similar to ours, we suggest using wood glue to afix the boards together or but you could definitely use a small nail if you wanted. After that, to give both functionality and visual interest, we drilled circles into the sconces that allowed for soft light to flow into our room. For the less adventurous DIY-er, the seasonal statement piece is perfect for a first timer using tongue and groove planks or if you wanted a kid-friendly project. This craft project is straightforward: simply glue the planks together, use a small drill bit for the holes for the wire that wraps around and holds the Mason jar, and then stencil whatever you want to the front! We went with a red chalk paint here because red goes beautifully with the Durango Saddle finish, but use whatever color you’d like because everything looks good with this wood!

We just love the warmth that our Durango Saddle prefinished planks offers, and we think you will too. This specific finish of Prefinished Wood Accents is somewhere between our New River Honey and our Chocolate Highlands in terms of color, and offers a rich warmness to whatever space it is placed. Try it today in a fun, kid friendly craft project or a DIY adventure all your own--you’ll love working with Prefinished Wood Accents and will be amazed with how easy it is to work with and the professional outcome you easily achieve.