One of our main goals when creating Prefinished Wood Accents was to show consumers that our products not only go well with any and every decor, but that they also go well when used with each other. Case and point: our guest room remodel with the custom headboard made out of Highlands Chocolate. Although the transformation to the room by installing just that one piece was stunning, we wanted to showcase our style by using Prefinished Wood Accents in Currituck Driftwood as well. So, we chose the opposite wall from our headboard and installed Currituck Driftwood onto the entire wall--floor to ceiling.


Our Currituck Driftwood planks have a subtle gray wash to them that really adds character to any room. Now one may think that using greens, whites, browns and now this gray may be a little much to all go in one room, but if you look at the pictures of our guest room transformation you’ll see that the true beauty of our prefinished planks lies in the flexibility of application. It is so easy to mix and match our products, and we hope that you do, because of the consistency in material and finishing that we offer with Prefinished Wood Accents. This means that regardless of what finish you use, you won’t find the competing against each other for attention as each is stunning in its own right. The beautiful patterns of our Southern Yellow Pine planks really shines through in the Currituck Driftwood finish especially, making this wall installation in our guest room a statement piece all on its own.

Something worth mentioning about installing Prefinished Wood Accents onto a full wall is the topic of hanging your artwork and accessories. Don’t let our ½” thickness fool you, our solid pine planks can handle pretty much anything you want to hang (within reason!)  with only using your standard nail instead of anchors. For example, the big mirror that we have hanging on our Currituck Driftwood wall is relatively heavy but we just drove a 2” nail into our planks at an angle and that did the trick.

Our planks are the opposite of intimidating--from installation to final finishing touches, to mix and matching our prefinished planks, we make it easy to showcase your style.