Nothing says relaxation like the beach. The sounds, the surf, the breeze: all of it creates an indescribable feeling. Aside from being at the actual ocean itself, a beach home can feel like a haven all on its own. That’s why we decided to offer Prefinished Wood Accents in our Cape Cod Linen finish, to recreate that soft, relaxed ambiance and make it available year round in any location.


In this particular application, we used Cape Cod Linen to revamp a guestroom at a getaway home at a local North Carolina lake. This guest suite sits by itself on the third level and has a fantastic water view, so we really wanted to do something special. Now, I don’t know about you but one of the most relaxing atmospheres aside from the beach is a spa. The soft lights and clean whites, along with water elements and pure pampering, make the spa a most desirable destination. We thought this would be a perfect theme for our guestroom and what better way to do that than to use the lightly whitewashed wood planks of Prefinished Wood Accents? Unlike the most common application of installing planking to the walls, we wanted to do something different in our top level guest suite. So, we installed it on the ceiling!

By installing our Cape Cod Linen planks on the ceiling, the guestroom feels like a unique retreat that’s a secret you only know. How wonderful to crawl into bed after a long day and see our beautifully whitewashed pine planks lining the ceiling? We think it adds a beautiful touch that speaks to nature and being outdoors, while also feeling like an upscale beach vacation home at the same time. By adding Prefinished Wood Accents to an otherwise average room, we’ve added interest without taking away from the rest of the space—although we think that our product steals the show! For the rest of the room we chose the décor to be in the same theme of a spa retreat, and painted the walls a soft blue to speak to the element of water and used crisp white linens and furniture to simplify yet cohesively bring the room together.

If you’re wanting to liven up a space in a subtle way, Prefinished Wood Accents in Cape Cod Linen is the product for you. Our 25-year warranty finish ensures longevity and beauty for years to come, and also makes it relatively maintenance free. Affordable and easy to install, it transforms any room into an oasis.