It Starts in the Forest

Mother Nature is the ultimate designer, and wood is one of the most beautiful and practical materials she has to offer. We take sustainably harvested Southern Yellow Pine from local sources, which means we’ll never harvest more trees than what is deemed as an acceptable amount set by the SFI standard. This means that you can feel good about our product because of the steps we take to ensure that we’re placing sustainability and balance in nature first and foremost—like replanting practices.

Getting All Dressed Up

Once our wood is “dressed,” meaning sent through a planing machine in order to achieve a smooth surface and dimensional uniformity on every piece, we then send it through an end matcher machine that creates the beautiful tongue and groove connections that make installation of Prefinished Wood Accents so seamless and effortless. Our boards are then hand-selected based on a specific set of standards that we established for Prefinished Wood Accents, and are ready for the next step.

Seal and Finish

Now it’s off to be sealed and finished. With a 25-year warranty stain that each and every one of our boards receives with the highest level of care and craftsmanship, we think you’ll agree that our finishing process places our product leaps and bounds above the competition. Each finish color that we offer with Prefinished Wood Accents has been carefully and decisively chosen by a professional panel with the customer’s preference in mind. As for our unique Rustic Barnwood finish, we send those boards through an extra “distressing” step to achieve the look of a true, weathered barn wood.

Carbon Neutral, Proudly Made in the USA

Prefinished Wood Accents is proudly produced in the USA, in North Carolina, and our product is manufactured in carbon neutral facilities. What that means is that our carbon footprint is net zero based on our emissions. Factor that in with our sustainable forestry practices, and you’ve got a product that you can feel good about. We’re pretty proud of Prefinished Wood Accents, and we think you will be too.