I wanted to tell everyone a bit about my experience working with Prefinished Wood Accents.

First, I am by no means an expert, so you shouldn't be intimidated when considering working with #PWAccents. I am a stay at home mom, who moves around a lot due to my husband's career. As such, a user-friendly product is one of the I was recently looking for a creative way to decorate our home for the holidays.

I decided I wanted to create some handmade Christmas trees that resembled aged barn wood. I decided PWA would be the perfect product because it wouldn’t require sanding or staining to finish it.

The product itself is easy to work with. It’s not heavy and not too pliable. It is easy to cut and assemble. I was able to use a miter saw to make numerous 45 degree cuts on various lengths to create the branches for my tree.

Since I didn’t have to stain or finish the PWA product, I simply used an 18 gauge brad gun to assemble the tree together. The ease of working with PWA allowed me to create multiple pieces to layer the tree.

Finally, I used the cut triangle ends to give one tree more dimension and eliminate waste by using as much of the product on this project as possible. Once I was finished I added some simple Christmas lights to bring the tree to life.

You can easily add your lighting of choice, garland, or even leave it as-is to make it your very own. I would highly recommend working with PWA to anyone who wants to get creative, but doesn’t want to go overboard sanding and staining unfinished wood.

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