I found out a few things when I installed my first-ever wood wall. Here are some things I learned:

1. Clear your schedule for a few hours and put away the phone (except for #2). 

If you're anything like me, you get easily distracted by the TV, social media, whatever is happening in the next room. I feel like I should always be doing 10 things at once. But when it comes to building something, it's good to focus on the task at hand.

2. Keep the phone handy, but not too handy.

I like to listen to some tunes in the background for motivation. It's also nice to have the calculator right there if I need a quick calculation that I can't do in my head (which happens a lot). I'm very careful not to open my phone's browser or any of my social media apps. They're a time suck and I have work to do.

3. Clean up and clear a good working area before you start.

It's all about prep. As much as I like to dive face first into projects, it's important to think about your working conditions. If you're in your bedroom, for example, clean up your pile of laundry on the floor, straighten up any random things into a neat pile. Once again, this helps you to focus.

4. Make yourself a tool kit before you begin.

Get all of the things you'll need all in one place before you start. Hammer, nails, saws, have it all ready to go so you're not making a last minute run to Lowe's for something you forgot. This list shows you what you need.

5. Pencil and Paper.

Ever since having kids, my short term memory is shot. Since I know, I like to keep a pencil and paper handy. That way, if I need to write a measurement down, let's say for how many inches into the board I need to cut for that electrical outlet, I write it down as I measure and then my poor brain doesn't need to remember all of those numbers.

6. Have Fun.

Something I loved about installing this wall was that it's instant gratification. Once the panels were up, they're up. I didn't have to sand or stain or seal. I could just stand back and admire. 

Next time, I think I might mix things up and buy a bunch of different colors and put them up randomly on the wall. Could be pretty cool.